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“I'm passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle for my family. Through balance and dedication I aim to guide and inspire others to live a healthier life.”

Richie Keirouz is a self-development coach, pursuing his passion for helping others improve their lives through the betterment of the mind and body. Over the years, he has helped people of all ages and walks of life, from students to CEOs, and even professional athletes. Richie has a deep understanding of how self-development can change a person's life and is eager to share his knowledge with everyone.

His passion in this field began with fitness, which he used as the foundation to build his own path of success. As a previous competitive bodybuilder who won multiple regional championships and competed at national levels, he knows firsthand the importance of setting and achieving your most desired goals. 

After his success in the competition world, Richie wanted to share his knowledge with others. He is founder and owner of Richie Keirouz, a coaching company that focuses on helping people achieve a path of success through continued self-development. He works with many people to ensure they are motivated and inspired to take the necessary steps to better themselves.

His focus on working with the whole person, mind, and body, has allowed him to create a unique approach to coaching that has helped others reach their potential in all aspects of life -- whether it be health, fitness, career, etc. 

Richie is a firm believer that change begins with shifting your mindset and remaining committed to yourself. This drive stems from a previous history of depression and addiction that he overcame by improving his mindset through fitness and continued self-development. He now uses his personal experience to help others, who are going through their own personal challenges. 

One of his favourite sayings is "Mens Sana in Corpore Sano", which translates to "A Sound Mind in a Healthy Body," and it's the foundation that he coaches all of his clients on. 

When he's not coaching or training, Richie can be found spending time with his supportive, beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters. He also enjoys learning from influential leaders, travelling, as well as leading a very successful career as a senior director of sales for a multi-billion dollar corporation.

Richie Keirouz

Age: 45 years old

Career: Sr Director of Sales in the the produce industry for a multi-billion dollar company. Richie is a Canadian Physique Alliance Judge and ambassador who is a champion bodybuilder competing for over a decade and an internationally published fitness model.


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